these are games that for one reason or another we are not supporting. Either due to technical limitations of new hardware, or due to lack of availability of needed components. You are welcome to download and play them, but keep in mind we will not offer any support of any kind. Any correspondence regarding these titles will be ignored.

These games are left here for historical purposes.


Zompocalypse is a zombie apocalypse themed sidescrolling hack and slash. You play the roll of a survivor of an infestation of zombies. Your goal is to track down the cause of the surge in zombies and to put a stop to it. You also have to keep yourself from becoming a mindless shambling undead as well.

We have chosen not to complete the project, but ar eleaving the concept demo availible for archival purposes.

Concept Demo

You can now try a concept demo of Zompocalypse. Play through the first three levels along with a boss fight. Between each level you can decide if you want to spend hard-earned points on more ammo, weapons, or even more health.

Duck Hunt

Duck hunt is our rendering of the classic game for the nintendo entertainment system. Shoot down as many ducks as you can. Instructions are provided with the game.


You got in to the bank, now time to break the bank. Just don't let the cops break your back in the process.


The download is about 7.5 megs in size and should take about 35 minutes on a dial up modem.

Super Liam

Super Liam is the first ever Accessible side scroller. Guide the main character through levels of danger, adventure, and excitement. Jump over pits, sewers, and lava. Avoid everything from robotic dogs, to snakes, to lasers.

The Story in Brief

It had been 20 years since Dr. Quark had vanquished the Evil robot X1. Unfortunately, things would not be well for long. X1 had returned to earth: This time with a vengence. Dr. Quark was too old to go chasing down this menace, so he needed help. He called Liam (your average ordinary teenager) to do it for him. X1 found out about Dr. Quark's plan and set a trap for liam. It's your job to guide Liam through X1's world, and destroy X1 to save the earth.

Download the full version


Judgment Day

it is the year 2015, and the world is at war. This war has been the most catastrophic to humanity. Two powers are fighting for control. The allies and a group of nations calling themselves The Supreme Evil. Little is known about this group and it's motives, but one thing is clear. This group has advanced weaponry. Over several months, the Allies have been slowly destroyed by strange and lethal weaponry. The commander of the Supreme Evil known as Supreme Commander Ather has quickly dispatched several countrys in the span of a few months. In one last effort to retain any hope, the allies have gathered all their forces in one area. A defensive station was built, and plans were made to finally lay the Supreme evil to rest. However, this task may prove to be harder than one thinks. and this is where you come in. Your job is to fend off the group of The Supreme Evil's forces, as well as deal With supreme Commander Ather.

You command the only allied defensive post left. Your job is to fend off the enemies. Compared to the Supreme evil, your weapons are primative. However, they can be effective. You are given a machine gun with unlimitted shells, a supply of rockets, and a small supply of sky clearing nukes. Your crew will do there best to keep the base undamaged. If there's no damage, they may even find time to replentish your nukes and rockets if you're running low.

the game includes.

System Requirements:


The download is 102 MB in size. This download will function as both a demo and the full version.