Blinded Guide

Welcome to blinded Guide. Guide Blind bob through his crazy neighborhood while avoiding all kinds of obsticles.

Blind Bob wants to go for a walk around his busy neighborhood. however, all sorts of hazards block his path. Things like lamp posts, open manhole covers, trees and more. blind bob will walk forward and it's your job to guide the hapless little blindy left and right to avoid obsticles. Don't walk too far in one direction though. there's a busy street on bob's left, and an angry dog named Oliver on the right. Be careful though, one misstep and Blind bob will injure himself and never want to go for any walks ever again. Can you successfully walk Bob around the block?


Blinded guide is now here! Download it below.

If you're not ready to play yet, you can read the manual, or you can listen to a five minute demonstration">.