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Zompocalypse is a zombie apocalypse themed sidescrolling hack and slash. You play the roll of a survivor of an infestation of zombies. Your goal is to track down the cause of the surge in zombies and to put a stop to it. You also have to keep yourself from becoming a mindless shambling undead as well.

When complete, Zompocalypse will contain 17 levels of non-stopped action. Guide the player through areas such as: the player's own back yard, an infested city, and even a laboratory where you'll find out more about the zombie plague. Take controll of a number of eapons including: a rake, handgun, shotgun, and more. Several weapons will be unlockable for completing various tasks. Watch this page for updates.

Concept Demo

You can now try a concept demo of Zompocalypse. Play through the first three levels along with a boss fight. Between each level you can decide if you want to spend hard-earned points on more ammo, weapons, or even more health.

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